Wednesday, July 11, 2012

To begin...

I commence my postings six weeks into my ten week internship at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH). I'll begin with introductions and a bit of catch-up:

From June 4th until August 10th, I have been (and will be) spending Monday through Friday in the Education Department of the MFAH. I got the internship through Juniata's connection to long-time MFAH director Peter Marzio.  Marzio, a graduate of Juniata College (JC), made his name in the museum world by establishing a vision of public service for the MFAH. He substantially increasing the museum's collection and endowment, essentially sculpting the MFAH into one of the top American art museums. Retaining his ties to Juniata, Marzio asked the undergraduate internship program to hold a spot for a Juniata student every other year. Although Marzio passed away in December 2010, the museum has decided to continue its partnership with Juniata (although Juniata must now pay its students' stipends).

As a native Houstonian, the MFAH is an institution that is close to my heart and one that I have much of respect for. So when art history professor Judy Maloney asked me last winter if I wanted to do an internship here, my answer was a resounding YES. After the submission of a general application, a personal essay, and a few letter of recommendation, I was on my way.

In an effort to do what I can and provide information for those who are interested, I've decided to record the basics and provide links for further details. I think this should also be helpful in accommodating readers with a range of interest levels. So without further ado...

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